Journey Into Nyx Prerelease Information



Three prerelease events!

Cost: $25 for each event. You can pre-register with payment in person or over the phone.

#1: Saturday Prelease Event, noon on Saturday, April 26th

#2: Saturday Prelease Event, 6 PM on Saturday, April 26th

#3: Sunday Prerelease Event, 2:00 PM on Sunday, April 27th

All Journey Into Nyx prerelease events are limited to 48 players, and four rounds. Booster pack prizes will be given according to win/loss record. The number of packs for each player will be determined by the number of players in the event, with two packs added to the pool for every player. We’ve also got a big pile of Magic and non-Magic prizes that we’ll be slinging at random players.

Every player will receive the following:

- 6 boosters at the start of the event from which to construct their deck.
- 1 promo card
- 1 Spindown life counter

Also available: Journey Into Nyx Season Pass. This $90 package gets you entry to all three prerelease events, as well as every FNM Standard event between prerelease and the M15 release. It’s a great value!

Questions? Hit us up on Facebook, email us at, or call us at 731-868-1331.