iPhone Repair


Walking around with a broken iPhone?

Nerdvana repairs screens on the following phones:

iPhone 5, 5c, 5s – $69.99 (Usually 20 minutes or less)
iPhone SE – $89.99 (Usually 20 minutes or less)
iPhone 6 – $84.99 (Usually 20 minutes or less)
iPhone 6+ – $89.99 (Usually 20 minutes or less)
iPhone 6s – $99.99 (Usually 20 minutes or less)
iPhone 6s+ – $109.99 (Usually 20 minutes or less)
iPhone 7 – $119.99 (Usually 20 minutes or less)
iPhone 7+ – $139.99 (Usually 20 minutes or less)
iPhone 8 – $149.99 (Usually 30 minutes or less)
iPhone 8+ – $169.99 (Usually 30 minutes or less)

Dreading the judgmental looks from your parents, who are wondering where they went wrong? Have you been turned down for a promotion at work because your broken screen makes you look irresponsible? Do people throw change at you from their cars as you walk down the sidewalk because you look like a hobo? You don’t have to live with this!

Nerdvana is located on Vann Drive in Jackson, Tennessee, just across the street from Lowe’s, in the same shopping center as Popeye’s and Moe’s.phone1

Most repairs can be done in under an hour, with no appointment needed!

(Sorry, we don’t repair other phones and tablets at this time.)

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